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Seminario “Systematic reviews including non-randomised studies”

For some Cochrane reviews, the question of interest cannot be answered by randomized trials, and review authors may be justified in including non-randomized studies. Potential biases are likely to be greater for non-randomized studies compared with randomized trials, so results should always be interpreted with caution when they are included in reviews and meta-analyses. Particular concerns arise  with respect to differences between people in different intervention groups (selection bias) and studies that do not explicitly report having had a protocol (reporting bias). Meta-analyses of non-randomized studies must consider how potential confounders are addressed, and consider the likelihood of increased heterogeneity resulting from residual confounding and from other biases that vary across studies.

Martedì 10 Settembre 2013, ore 9:45-13:30

Docente: Barney Reeves, Professorial Research Fellow in Health Services Research, University of  Bristol

Sede: Aula T04, Centro Servizi, Azienda Ospedaliera Policlinico, Modena

Il seminario è gratuito. Il seminario si terrà in lingua inglese.